How to enjoy the festive season as a small business owner

Christmas is often the busiest time of year for businesses across the UK, depending of course on the type of company you have. Although this is the time when you might expect revenues to increase, it is also the period when you don’t

Questions you should ask an interviewee

Recruitment is a time-consuming task, with endless CVs to trawl through and endless interviews to

Office space organisation made simple

If you want to be a successful and productive professional, then you really need to have an organised office space. If you know where everything in your office is, then it will make your working life much easier and help to

Top reasons to rent a serviced office

A serviced office can save small companies a lot of money, but they’re useful to a lot of larger companies too. Of course, saving money is far from the only reason why renting a serviced office might be something you want to

Three ways to add interest to an office

An office isn’t just a space where work is accomplished; it’s also an advertisement for the firm that uses it, so it’s important to make it look

Health and safety: how to get started

Small enterprises have to implement health and safety measures if they’re to comply with relevant legislation and prosper in the long term. Making progress in this area is important, but there is advice available to

Three top tips for those holding a conference event

While hosting a conference does take a lot of work, the rewards for a business can be significant – as long as the proper procedures are

The office solutions of the future: three issues

Thinking about the future of offices is essential for ambitious entrepreneurs. It can help them to make astute choices about office accommodation today. However, you should be

Four reasons to hold meetings in London

Many businesses like to organise meetings in the UK capital, and there are several common reasons that explain why enterprises make this

Three tips for carrying out a ‘green’ business relocation

The relocation of an organisation shouldn’t be a process that damages the environment, and a lack of focus in this area can have a negative impact on the

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