The influence of the cultural environment on meetings

Some things are harder to measure than others. Nonetheless, things which are difficult to assess in a precise way are not necessarily trivial. In fact, they can be very important in real world situations. For example, the outcome of an important meeting can be significantly influenced by factors which are not especially easy to pin down. The way participants feel before and during a meeting is obviously critical.

While the feelings which meeting participants will have are in part related to the way in which they respond to the interior of the building in which they are operating, their mood will also be affected by the cultural context in which the building is situated. For example, few meetings are successful if they are held in unfortunate areas associated with deprivation, ugly buildings or crime.

When planning a meeting, one has to look at it from the perspective of those one is inviting to attend. If the meeting is designed to be a prestigious event, it is particularly important to select a location which will impress those who receive invitations. Certain postcodes are desirable and will have a positive impact as soon as an individual is invited.

The West End of London is a very impressive location, for example. Meeting rooms in this area benefit from a cultural context which has few rivals on an international basis. When a business is hoping to please its clients, the West End’s architecture provides a wonderful backdrop to high quality meeting rooms.