Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of our key principles at MWB Business Exchange is to provide our clients with the highest standard in serviced office space whilst maintaining a low carbon footprint.  We take our commitment to CSR very seriously and therefore we have developed an initiative with our energy and sustainability consultants, TEM, to reduce the energy consumption of our Business Centres by a minimum of 10 per cent during 2012.  This has been rolled out portfolio wide, and we have chosen eight Centres to be the focal point of the initiative.

We launched our initiative at the beginning of 2012 and are on target to exceed our energy reduction goals; so far our eight focal centres have achieved energy savings of over 34 per cent in electricity usage.  This initiative is an on-going process that will continue far beyond the 2012 implementation phase and our commitment has already reflected positively on our expenditure on CRC EES.  There has been a reduction in consumption of 13 per cent across the whole of MWB Business Exchange and this has translated into a saving of nearly £25,000 in CRC allowances.

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