The Environment

The Environment

At MWB Business Exchange, sustainability and environmentally friendly office design is very high on our agenda. We pride ourselves on producing not only very productive work environments but also very efficient ones.

We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and we believe through eco-friendly office design we can make a strong positive impact.

We have strict energy saving measures and recycling procedures in place and will continue to be at the forefront of eco-friendly issues in office space design and management.

Environmentally Friendly Offices - Sustainable fit out for a greener future.

Sustainable and eco-friendly office design & fit out is an exciting area of MWB design.  As the growing concern over climate change increases, more corporations are searching for eco-friendly ways of utilising limited office space. We strongly believe sustainable, and environmentally friendly office space design & ‘green’ fit out is the way of the future and will assist in reducing the effects on the environment. 

MWB’s ‘greener’, environmentally friendly fit-out scheme integrates the following:

·         Sustainable & recyclable flooring solutions

·         Large communications rooms

·         Relocatable partitioning system in our Meeting room suites

·         New sustainable ventilation & air conditioning system

·         Energy efficient lighting design

·         Fully accessible raised floors 

·         Easy access metal tiled suspended ceilings 

·         Full height glazing with integral blinds where ever possible

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