Environmentally Friendly Office Design

Environmentally Friendly Office Design

MWB’s buildings are developed to provide a healthy and natural work environment, benefiting from unobstructed natural light where possible.

Adaptable integrated systems are prominent in the break out areas and meeting rooms; all designed with efficiency in mind, and to create a workplace with increased productivity due to healthier and happier occupants.

Smart use of lighting, ventilation, energy, and materials are core elements in designing sustainable offices. To optimize on energy efficiency, we focus on:

  • Creating serviced office space planning that makes use of existing natural lighting
  • Maximize natural light by controlling window coverings & coordinate lighting controls
  • Installation of high quality & energy efficient lighting
  • Infrared motion detectors for automatic lighting control
  • Zoned energy controls, to manage low usage areas individually
  • Installation of building information systems, energy efficient ventilation and air-conditioning   

The most important thing to remember when it comes to caring for the environment is that it must be an ongoing habit.

One easy way to do this is to engage the whole company in the process, perhaps by offering regular simple incentives. This could involve having a competition for the employee who recycles the most paper, or uses the least taxis each month. Making the whole process fun means that your staff will not see it as unnecessary hassle that stops them from getting on with their work. Why not organise monthly company nights out paid for with the money you save with the measures outlined above? You could also have a suggestion box in which staff can suggest new measures that would help, with the best one being recognised each month.

Keeping the environment at the top of everybody’s agenda will not only save money but can also make your company a more attractive place to work.

Despite the economic woes facing the country at the moment and the ongoing debate over the state of the financial sector, environmental concerns are still at the top of the political agenda, with not a week going by without new headlines about the damage mankind is causing the environment.

Whatever our political leanings and personal habits, most people now agree that human activity is damaging the environment to some extent, and that we can all take steps to reduce the impact we have on the natural world.

The business community is starting to address this issue, and there are some easy steps that small businesses can take to reduce their environmental impact whilst still retaining the flexibility and profitability they need to survive and grow their businesses.

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