Our People

Our people
As the first people your clients will interact with when coming to see you, our staff are effectively an extension of your business. We are a people business, so attracting and retaining the most talented people is key to our success. We also have the highest staff-to-client ratio in the industry.
As such we take recruitment and training very seriously, and retaining high performing people is a top priority. We are immensely proud of our client-focused teams, strengthening staff capabilities and rewarding people for their efforts whenever we can.

Our staff are enthusiastic and passionate about their work. They’ll answer your calls promptly and politely with your company name, portraying a professional and friendly manner every time. They’ll take care of the cleaning, maintenance, post, and even make sure you’re stocked up with tea and coffee in the kitchen.
They look the part too – our teams are easily recognisable all professionally dressed in black business attire. Put that all together and you know your staff and clients are in the very best of hands.