We’ve seen a lot of companies from the US looking to expand into Europe recently, and with the opportunity and links London provides, where better to begin?

Lots of really successful American companies who’ve tested the water in the UK have actually started out in one of our serviced offices. Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple are all among the list of happy clients we can boast about – we’ve even had a division of NASA with us before!

The benefits of coming through us are simple – we remove the risk and the hassle in one go. With flexible contracts, a holistic IT package and the ability to upsize (or downsize) whenever you need to, there’s very little to worry about. We can even get you the right mugs you want for your coffee!

And if you’re not sure about which location would be best, why not set up a couple of Virtual Offices and see which address generates the most attention?

Our team of relocation advisors is right here to discuss any requirements, or alternatively, take a look at our portfolio of locations.